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Lumerical (FDTD) on Lawrence GUI Tutorial

Using Lumerical on Lawrence, through a point-and-click interface
To use Lumerical on a Lawrence GUI, you must first have access to use the license. Please ensure you have access before continuing.
This is a step-by-step guide for running Lumerical on a graphical user interface (GUI) on Lawrence.
If you have done this before on the computer you are currently using, you may skip to the section "Opening Lumerical on a Lawrence GUI".


Install MobaXterm (MobaX)

Go to the MobaXterm website here. Click on the "MobaXterm Home Edition v11.1 (Home Installer Edition)" button.
Click on the installed file, and follow the download wizard.

Opening Lumerical on a Lawrence GUI

Open MobaXterm (MobaX) (or the terminal on a Mac) and log into Lawrence.
[User.NI1111] ➤ ssh [email protected]
Last login: Tue Feb 26 10:36:10 2019 from Welcome to the Lawrence Supercomputer at the University of South Dakota!
Note: When logging in with a terminal other than MobaX, add a flag to the login (see the tab "Login" for details):
Load the Lumerical-FDTD module.
[[email protected]@node44 ~]$ module load lumerical
[[email protected]@node44 ~]$ module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
1) lumerical
Start Lumerical
[[email protected]@node44 ~]$ fdtd-solutions
If you receive an error message "-15" or "-4", please continue

Error -15

Click "yes" to open your license settings.
Ensure that the server listed is "login". Change this if needed, and click "ok".
If it doesn't automatically pop up, try starting fdtd-solutions again.
[[email protected]@node44 ~]$ fdtd-solutions
If a license error still comes up, it is possible that you don't have a license. If that is not the case, please contact the Service desk ([email protected]) for assistance. Be sure to include the name of the software, the fact that you are on Lawrence, and a description of the error in your email.

Error -4

If the error looks like this:
The license is already in use, and the maximum number of users has been reached. Please try again later.